It is very often a grey area for customers when it comes to VAT and printed material for their business and the issue of what is applicable for VAT and which is exempt. Here at UKPrint4u we have produced this guide to help you which products carry which. We have also added a link to the HM Revenue and Customs Site for the up-to-date info and amendments. There are different types of VAT but for the purposes of Printed products we concern ourselves with the standard 20% VAT and 0% VAT when not applicable.

Zero Rated 0% Products & Services

  1. Leaflets / Flyers (up to 350gsm then + 20% VAT)
  2. Brochures
  3. Books
  4. Manuals
  5. Price lists
  6. Leaflets / flyers (redeemable voucher or you have to write on them +20% VAT)

Standard Rate 20% Products & Services

  1. Business Cards, Letterheads, Compliment Slips and all other Stationery
  2. Appointment Cards
  3. Folders
  4. Posters
  5. Banners
  6. Artwork
  7. Photography

For full information and descriptions please visit the HM Revenues website. Click here © 2013    We usePayPal, Mastercard, Visa, American Express